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Communities, restaurants, industrial premises, offices, and residential premises generate sewage wastewater (non-hazardous waste). In some areas, sewerage network drain lines are not present. So, sewage wastewater is collected in purpose-built tanks. With the help of advanced vacuum tankers, sewage waste is collected from these tanks. It is then safely disposed of at the sewerage treatment plant.

Among all drainage cleaning companies in Dubai, Abdullah Subaih has the best team and resources. Due to our rich experience of several decades, we are currently the most recommended waste removal service in Dubai. We remove the waste and safely transfer it to treatment plants. You can avail our service for long-term sewage management. Abdullah Subaih ensures that the task is carried out in a safe, efficient, and meticulous manner. Contact us today for the bestĀ Drainage cleaning services DubaiĀ and let us help you.

We have a competent team that delivers the best waste removal service in Dubai. Our fleet has sophisticated, well-maintained tankers that transport and dispose of the sewage to the treatment plant. As a responsible drainage cleaning service Dubai, we strictly comply with the standards and rules set by the local authorities. Disposal of liquid waste should be done with the necessary precautions. We are fully certified to provide waste removal service in Dubai. Our services can be used for:

  • Removal of kitchen waste
  • Removal of sewage water
  • Removal of trade waste
  • Removal of industrial waste

Sewage tank cleaning Dubai

Apart from drainage cleaning, and waste removal, we also provide sewage tank cleaning Dubai service. Our experienced team makes use of the best techniques and the latest technology while cleaning sewage tanks. It is important to clean the sewage tanks of residential complexes, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, offices, showrooms, shopping malls, supermarkets, educational institutes, and commercial complexes periodically.

We provide sewage tankers in the following capacities:

1,000 Gallons tanker

5,000 Gallons tanker

10,000 Gallons tanker

Abdullah Subaih occupies the top position among the best drainage cleaning companies in Dubai. Our team makes use of its experience and tools to help you with quality of service.

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