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Water is required in a large volume for activities like irrigation. Abdullah Subaih is a reliable irrigation water tanker supplier. You can place orders for 1,000, 5000, and 10,000 gallons of water that can be used for irrigation purposes. We fulfil the short and long-term requirements of our esteemed customers successfully. We have a large fleet of well-maintained tankers. The TSE water is also used in the compaction process. In the UAE, natural rainfall is very limited and irrigation water tanks are the best alternative. Our name is taken among the leading irrigation water tanker suppliers. Our irrigation tankers are well-equipped for watering the plants and crops.

The leading TSE and RO water tanker supplier

The TSE water is used extensively for watering crops and plants. The TSE tankers are used for supplying water for:



Construction sites

We are considered a reliable TSE and RO Drinking water suppliers in Dubai because our team is committed to meeting the requirements of customers punctually. We have expert drivers who punctually deliver tankers to their destinations. The TSE and RO water supplied by us is properly treated and as per standards. We make use of advanced technology to ensure the RO water supplied by us is safe and as per standard. Our distribution network is very vast, and we successfully meet the needs of customers.

The TSE water is useful in the process of irrigation. Only huge tankers have sufficient capacity to irrigate large fields. A network of pipes helps to cover the entire field. Our TSE water tanker service is reliable, affordable, and meets all the necessary standards. Feel free to contact us if you are searching for a TSE and RO water tanker supplier.

Our TSE and RO Water tankers are available in the following capacity:

1,000 Gallons Tanker

5,000 Gallons Tanker

10,000 Gallons Tanker

Contact us for Potable water services in Dubai and let us help you with the delivery of quality services. 

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